The Automotive industry is looking for operative costs reduction for the machinery. Leonardo just designed and realized the new ALFIN ECO, Helium leak tester for pass-car alloy wheels, with the following amounts consumed, today the lowest on the market:

  • Low electric energy consumption;
  • Low compressed air consumption;
  • Very low Helium consumption.



The structure is one piece with a bottom platform and it’s made in electro-welded steel. External enclosures are present with light, air exchange, windows and access doors, protecting the machine from the dust and dirt present in the industrial environment. This is very important for the machine reliability in time.

The system with 3 motorized roller conveyors (wheels entrance, good wheels exit and not-good wheels exit) and 4 different options for the configuration. The system moving the wheels by a rotating table with 4 grippers, assuring a precise and reliable positioning of the wheels under the test chamber.

The stout test chamber moved up and down by a pneumo-hydraulic actuator. The special shape of the upper gasket/plate allows to test wheels with protruding spokes and a suitable blowing system is installed inside the chamber to clean the internal surface and the lower gasket/plate. The analysis circuit with high vacuum pumping system is composed by a single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump combined with a roots vacuum pump, bellow sealed stop valves for high vacuum and pressure measurement by a Pirani gauge.

The certified master leak to be applied to a good wheel for the zeroing of the system and periodical check of the machine efficiency. A new, very high efficiency system, composed by low-pressure rigid tank (not a bag), a compressor and another single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump. During the cycles, the Helium % is automatically adjusted by the machine.

All the electrical components necessary to operate the system are lodged in a panel installed on the machine. The system management is governed by a powerful and fast PLC that controls the rim handling and the test sequence.