Leak test instruments

Leoanrdo offers a complete line of instruments suitable for leak detection, flow and volumetric tests, normally used in the production of test benches and more industrial machinery. The range of instruments and equipments for leak testing and flow measurement can satisfy many different requirements; absolute and differential leak testing and duct flow measurement, can be integrated on the same instrument.

The resolution and precision of these measurements are currently at he highest level available on the market. Six different product lines are available to make controls and measurements on systems and components to detect air, gas, water and oil leaks. The principeles applied are: leak detection by filling and pressure decay, flow rate measures volumetric tests, leak detection by tracing gas like Helium and ultrasonic tests.Leonardo Micro Sytem is a family of measurement instruments based on high-performance electro-pneumatic systems, able to perform precise leak testing and flow measurements.

Thanks to Leonardo high specialization and experience, if you purchase a Micro System device, you have the guarantee of a suitable production control, in agreement with all the most restrictive standards. APT FIRE is the perfect air/air instruments for all the parts that need to be leak tested, including Aluminum engine parts, hydraulic, pneumatic devices and many more.Leonardo offers six different instruments for all applications.

It is able to provide a wide range of instruments for leak testing and flow measurement, togheter with all the necessary accessories for the best result of your production testing: MICRO SYSTEM FIRE APT (Standard absolute pressure transducer), MICRO SYSTEM FIRE DPT (With differential pressure transducer), MICRO SYSTEM FIRE FTP (Specif to work with tracing gases), MICRO SYSTEM FIRE IPT (Specific to work with high volume parts), MICRO SYSTEM FIRE VPT (Specific for volume measurements), MICRO SYSTEM FIRE FF (Specific for flow measurements).