Benches for dimensional control - Gaging

Leonardo dimensional control machines are developed to be used in laboratory facilities or production lines, including automatic loading-unloading systems. According to the application and the necessary precision, different types of measurement devices are integrated: mechanical, pneumatic or optical calipers, ingranometers, vision systems. The benches can be completed by marking systems, making the products fully traceable in the production chain.Leonardo offers different Dimensional Control benches. We offer different benches according to customers. 

Some benches are: Bench for dimensional automatic engine 3, 4, 6 cylinder, Bench for dimensional head gasket and pump injection, Bench for flywheels dimensional control, Bench for dimensional camshafts, Tour for dimensional rings synchronization, Bench for dimensional control of a steering housing particular, Tour for dimensional crankshafts of 3, 4, 6 cylinder, Testing bench for dimensional lamellar, Bench for spacer insert of ABS sensor.Leonardo offers the equipment to identification and control of the diameter of the inserts planted in the piston. We are specialized in the production of Automatic and Manual Machine for Dimensional control in the field of alloy wheels, steel discs.

We have also Dimensional control benches and correct timing gears. In addition to we offer the line flywheels testing (gear tester, torsion test, the hammering, pins and marking).