Our processes

From the analysis to the design of custom solutions

Leonardo works day by day on measurement, control and testing issues for parts coming from the Automotive industry, hydraulic components, parts connected with the use of gas and fluids.

The customer coming to Leonardo is looking for answers and our value added is the ability to find the best solution, the most reliable and performing. In order to do this, we follow the customer, directly starting from their requirements and taking care of the design, the realization and the installation of the machine.

The first phase of the project, after identification of the possible solution, is the mechanical and electronic design with technologies including micro-controllers, dedicated micro-processors, PLC and PC networks, operator interfaces, supervision software and process instrumentation. The second step is the choice of the components, followed by the production of metal parts made by our sister company Meccanica Galileo or other long term suppliers.

From the assembly to the commissioning and training by the end user

After the design and the supply of the parts, the machine is assembled, tested and shipped to the customer, followed by the commissioning and training by the end user in Italy or abroad. All the activities are followed by Italian or local highly specialized technicians and engineers, selected with high care.

We give turn-key solutions through a perfect mix of electronics and mechanics. During 20 years of activity on the market, Leonardo is today a global leader for testing & measurement solutions, especially for the Automotive industry.

The quality of our products, the technology we use, the experience we have: these are all elements making Leonardo a company dedicated to medium-high level customers. Our customers know that, in order to fix a problem, you always have more than one option, but the cheapest at the beginning is sometimes more expensive after some time or not effective. Our solutions are always the best compromise between price and performance.